How to Get Fit With Horse Riding

A saddle horse or a riding horse is simply a horse utilized by most commonly mounted horse riders either for transportation or recreation. This may be a country trail ride, an equestrian show, a pleasure ride, or any other type of riding event. The primary purpose of the horse was to provide a means for both horse and rider to travel over uneven or difficult terrain with relative ease. There are numerous types of saddles, some of which include the English, Western, and American Saddle. The main differences between these types of saddles usually center around the horse being able to stand comfortably while in motion.

The psychological benefits of horse riding are endless. Riding provides the rider with an increased sense of purpose. In many instances, riders will ride a long distance knowing that they will be covered some of the most incredible scenery available. The act of being so far from the “forts” of one’s home can be a calming and cathartic experience. It is not uncommon for someone who has ridden for many years to be able to feel the rocks beneath their feet or the wind in their hair as they go about their daily tasks.

Another of the physical advantages to equestrian riding is the increased lung capacity provided by the horse. The lungs of a horse are designed for this type of breathing and being exposed to higher altitudes will increase how much oxygen they can absorb. As well, horses are able to hold their breaths for longer periods of time during a run because their lungs are designed for doing so. This helps reduce the chance of any sort of an asthma attack or allergic reaction to the environment in which the rider is riding.

Other aids that are available for horse riding are aids to help with balance and stability. Balance aids include strides hand alleys, and even the use of a hand stirrup aids stability by keeping the foot positioned in the precise position necessary to keep the horse centered in the gait cycle. Hand alleys are used to assist in walking, and are particularly effective with younger animals that may be unstable on their feet. The use of a hand stirrups allows the horse to maintain its balance. While these devices cannot improve the overall skill level of the rider, they can be of tremendous benefit to the horse in terms of assisting them in maintaining balance.

One of the most important accessories, a rider can purchase is a good pair of horse riding saddle pads. These pads are specially designed to conform to the contours of the shank of a horse’s back. They also help reduce chafing, heat, and sweat while a horse is being ridden, which is also beneficial to the horse’s health. If you are looking for a great way to get some exercise while spending some time with your family, take your kids out and ride a horse! Kids love this experience and are sure to have a great time.

Horse riding is an enjoyable physical activity. It provides a low impact alternative to other types of athletic activity and it is especially valuable for people who are unable or unwilling to participate in other types of high intensity physical activity. Whether you plan to simply ride horses at leisure or as part of a more strenuous equestrian activity such as competition, horse riding is something that you should consider doing.


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