Coffee Production

Coffee is a warm, roasted drink made from dried coffee beans, usually from the berries of certain Coffea species cultivated around the world. The beans are ground and roasted, and then made into a liquid to be drank. Most people prefer the flavored roasts more than the plain “bean” variety. All coffee is of the green variety, but it can be colored or black depending on how it is processed and what is used in the final brewing process.

Arabica coffee is the most common variety grown in the coffee bean harvest region. This coffee is prized for its flavor, which comes from its prized arabica beans. Arabica beans are a type of cross between an arabica bean and a Robusta bean, which have had their genes altered so that they will grow into Arabica beans instead of Robusta beans once they are planted. So, although there is some debate over which came first, the Arabica is often considered to be the “real” coffee, and Robusta is often considered to be the “re-do” coffee.

Robusta coffee beans are typically darker than Arabica coffee beans. They also have a somewhat stronger aroma, and they are prized for their rich flavor. However, it is also somewhat of a tougher grind, making it less desirable for some coffee drinkers. Arabica coffee beans are typically preferred for flavor and aroma. Although sometimes considered to be “greener” than Robusta, Arabica beans are prized not only for their aroma but because of their natural high oil content (oil which are part of their natural coffee flavor), as well as their rich natural flavor.

From country to country, different varieties of coffee are grown. The best coffee beans for each region usually differ slightly in their characteristics, including their flavor, aroma, and color. Many coffee enthusiasts are devoted to studying and tasting different varieties of coffees, and exploring their differences. Some enthusiasts even travel across state or country to taste and evaluate different varieties.

One of the largest coffee bean producing countries in the world is Egypt. The Black Country Roast Arabica, which is the most popular variety of this type of coffee, is native to Egypt and is widely considered to be a superior tasting Arabica coffee bean. Other popular types of coffee produced in the Arabica category are:

In general, arabica coffee produces a higher quality cup of coffee than Robusta coffee. Arabica beans are also more suited to brewing stronger coffee blends such as espressos or coffee lattes. The Arabica bean is also used for producing flavored coffee, which can be used in place of coffee cream in desserts and cookies. Today, many coffee lovers enjoy experimenting with different varieties of coffee from around the world. For example, some enjoy drinking coffee made from Vietnamese coffee beans because of its rich, aromatic flavor, while others may prefer it because it has less acidity. Regardless of the type of coffee you drink, know your coffee, and have fun experimenting with different flavors and brewing processes.

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