First Day of the Islamic Year

New Year History is important for all people, not only for New Year but also for every day. It is a part of our culture, it is part of our history and it is the reason behind our personal sense of family history and heritage. This is also the reason why every family needs New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as part of its cultural events. This is the time when everything comes to a halt, the last moment before the sun rises above the horizon.

There are many ways to explain New Year’s Day, but what is significant is that people commemorate a historical event. There are several different historical periods that we can choose from to celebrate the New Year. The first is the Old Calendar (aka Old-Roman Calendars) wherein New Year’s Eve was on the last day of winter. The last Roman calendar was signed by Julius Caesar on March 25, 37 BC. For this reason, the Roman people celebrated the last day of winter using the Gregorian calendar while the New Year’s Day is selected using the lunar calendar.

The next is the Seleucid dynasty which ruled the first day of the 7th lunar month. Seleucids were a family of the Hasmonean dynasty. The Seleucid dynasty was eventually absorbed into the Roman empire under the successors of Trajan and Didacus.

The third is the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt. This was the time of the Delta Age. This era witnessed the rise of the River Nile. During this period, this river was used for both irrigation and construction purposes. Amenhot’s major achievements during this time included establishing the world’s earliest written language.

New Year’s History in the Islamic Calendar: The first Islamic New Year was celebrated on the ninth day of the fasting month of Ramadan. The hijra feasts were organized by caliph al-Rabiah. It is believed that this celebration marked the beginning of the ninth lunar month. The first day of the Islamic New Year celebrated the victory of Horus over Sethor.

Then the twelfth Islamic New Year was ushered in by the takeover of power by Mufti Mustafa. This was the exact fulfillment of the predictions made by prophet Muhammad regarding this year. At the twelfth day of the year, Mufti Mustafa released the tablets purporting the destiny of the world, Muhammad and the Muslims. The tablet stated that all the peoples of the world will be united in a common cause against unbelief and darkness. This tablet also predicted that the first day of the New Year will witness the start of the holy war between Islam and the unbelief.


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