Dress Codes in the Fashion World

Fashion is a way of self-expression, in a certain time and fashion context and at a certain point, of dress, footwear, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, hairstyles, and even body posture. In its more general usage, the word literally means a style defined by the fashion business as what is fashionable at the time that is current. There is no such thing as absolute fashion, because it is relative to what is currently fashionable to a given audience. So, there are trends and fads in fashion, but fashion is more than trends and fads.

“Fashionable” is not the same as trendy or popular. In fact, when we use the word “fashion” in this way, it has nothing to do with being popular or fashionable. So, in our examples above, we have no way of determining if the jeans were in fashion or merely trendy or fashionable. But if you say they were fashionable, then you obviously use the word in a different way–maybe with the added emphasis on the word “fashionable.”

What is the fashion anyway? Fashion is the discipline of identifying and creating styles in clothing and other materials based on the social roles of women. Fashion designers describe what is popular and acceptable for a given period of time, according to standards of beauty created by culture, society, and current times. As fashion develops through time, styles may change, adapt, and be rejected, but the designers keep the tradition going.

The history of fashion is an interesting one. One of the most important developments in the history of fashion is how designers began to understand their own roles in defining fashion. Fashion becomes closely linked to the history of art and visual culture, as we see today. Fashion designers draw from a wide variety of mediums to create new styles, but there are certain elements that remain consistent among various styles.

Some of the most common elements are cut, color, design, fabric, and size. These elements can be used to distinguish between styles. Clothes can be described according to these four elements. Women’s clothing has developed over the past few centuries, as they have taken on more roles in society. This has allowed women to be more fashionable, independent, and artistic as they have dressed themselves. Listed below are examples of styles associated with the late eighteen hundreds to the early nineteenth century.

Fashionable Clothes High Fashion World: The high fashion world of the early nineteenth century was characterized by elaborate dresses for evening wear. This dress code was linked to social and political circles. A dress code was necessary so that each dress matched that of the person who was expected to wear it. The term high fashion was applied to create a difference in clothes so that it was not similar to what people wore in the streets. This type of fashion was originally created to give a more fashionable look to people.


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