Looking For a Great British Pub in London?

The good British Pub isn’t just a great place to drink pint after pint with friends, it’s also a great social center, often the focal point of local community life in cities, towns and villages across the length and width of the land. As the largest city in Britain, London is home to countless pubs of varying licenses. You can start drinking at a hole-in-the-wall pub, a tiny cozy corner with no license, or a gigantic multi-story behemoth known as a bar. Regardless of your locale, there’s a British Pub for you. Here are some tips on finding the right pub.

First, consider where you want to go. London, for example, is vast, so you’ll likely find a British Pub in a relatively large number of locations. This will allow you to narrow down your search by choosing a pub that fits in with the type of nightlife you’re interested in. For example, if you’re into live music and dancing, a bar that plays live music most nights would be ideal.

Second, consider the size of the city. Different areas in the city will have different sized pubs. There will be ones located in the heart of the city, near the most popular places like Hyde Park and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Then there will be smaller pubs located in neighborhoods like Camden Town and Ealing, where there are plenty of tourists and travelers going in and out. The amount of pub space available in any neighborhood will be an important factor when choosing a location.

Third, think about what kind of entertainment you want from your British Pub. If you’re a lover of the theater, a London Pub in the West End or Broadway is the perfect place for you. If you’re into classic comedy series, a London Pub in South Kensington is a great place to visit. You can even find a London Pub in Soho that will give you the right kind of entertainment you need without the crowds.

London Pubs isn’t all about pubs though. There are plenty of other things to do in London once you arrive in the city. For example, there’s nothing like a trip to a London Zoo or the London Aquarium. Or if you want to spend some time at the London Tower, you’ll be glad to know that there are many top pubs within walking distance of the tower itself. Whether you love history, animals or the sea, there’s a British Pub in London that can give you what you want.

Visiting London isn’t a bad idea for just about anyone. It’s an exciting city with plenty to offer. No matter what your interests, there’s a pub in London that will make your trip memorable. You don’t have to travel far to find them. A quick Internet search will reveal several in your neighborhood.


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